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High Country Inn FAQ's

Q. How many people can the High Country Inn accommodate?

A. In the winter months, the occupancy for inside is 60-75, but for a sit-down dinner, about 50.

In summer months, we have the outside deck with umbrella-topped tables, with room for an additional 50 or more, and next to the entrance patio is the sunken garden which would hold another 50. 

Q. Do you have a set menu?

A. No, we customize our menu for each occasion, but we have several dinner entrees which are popular, such as:

Baron of Beef
Chicken Saltimbocca (stuffed chicken breast), Chicken Breast Divan
Prime Rib
Beef Rouladen
Stuffed Pork Loin 
Baked Salmon or Halibut

Our meals come complete with appetizer, soup, salad, vegetable, starch, homemade bread and butter, dessert, and coffee.

Q. What is the average cost per person for a wedding or reception dinner or cocktail buffet?

A. Prices range from $10 to $20 per person, depending on the menu.

Q. How many people can be accommodated at the inn overnight?

A. Total occupancy, including cabins and Silver Room is 28 with double occupancy, or 14 with one person to a bed. There is a lot of floor space for sleeping bags, etc!

Q. What is the minimum number of people you will cook for?

A. I’d like to have a minimum of twelve, but I have done lunches for ten.

Q. Can the inn be rented for an evening, a weekend or an overnight?

A. Yes, we rent the inn for all kinds of occasions. 

Q. What is your Pet Policy?

A. Pets must be well-trained and have their own bed and crate, and are not to be allowed on beds or other furniture. A $25 charge is made if pets stay in the guest's room, to allow for extra cleaning. An outdoor kennel is also available free of charge when guests are away. Owners are asked to please clean up after their dogs.


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