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Moore Updates!

The holiday season is just about on us, and I have already scheduled the parties I will be able to cater, and following the weekend of December 13, I will be heading to Boise (again!) This time to have major back surgery, ie., a fusion of discs L2-L5. This came as a surprise to me as I had no idea that my spine was in such bad shape, but apparently it's arthritis that is both holding me together as well as causing problems! So it is with a bit of trepidation that I take this on, as most of you know me, I am a hard person to hold down! (Especially with following doctor's orders.) The timing should work well, however, as following Christmas (which I will spend recuperating in  Boise with my "lucky" kids) and through February is usually a quiet time for the inn, and I have a couple of big projects that I can work on in "Quiet and Relax"mode!

My major desire and one at the near top of my Bucket List is to see a very-much-needed expansion project for our local library begun and completed in my lifetime! I took on this campaign at the request of our library board of trustees, and have spent huge amounts of time completing paperwork for the Articles of Incorporation, and filing for non-profit 501c3 status. The foundation is formed, and now I am working on laying the groundwork for intelligent fundraising.

As most of you know, I have been deeply involved in raising funds for the Library Friends for over six years now, but this is a totally different story, and I am committed to raising close to half a million dollars, not just a few thousand!  So wish me luck, and if you know where to get some big money, let me know!! We'll be doing a lot of research for this project I know, and isn't that quiet and relaxing?

Another "Quiet and Relaxing" occupation would be for me to seriously start work on the cookbook I want to write for the inn, including some of the funny stories that have gone with our catering adventures up and down these here hills!  (Or some of the memorable weddings we've had a part in, from red-neck to "kegger.")

High Country Inn is Mortage-Free!

It was fifteen years ago this month, November, 2000, that the finishing touches were being added to the brand new building which would become the High Country Inn, a building whose main attraction would be a state of the art commercial kitchen, housed in a lovely building overlooking the Clearwater River, across from the Clearwater Mountains. This new structure, with a great room and two bedrooms added to its original design, would see many changes over the next few years, as its purpose extended to include not only cooking, but entertaining in-house, catering, and ultimately, lodging!

A few years later, in 2004,  the High Country Inn had become a Bed and Breakfast, and needed more rooms. Two more structures were built to form the Texas cabins and a large group-size building called the Gone Fishin' Cabin, so that singles, couples as well as groups could be housed. By 2007 the idea of adding a laundry room grew to encompass a fully-equipped Rec Room with a hand-carved ponderosa pine pool table, with matching poker table, TV, games, books,  and other furniture, a small kitchenette and bath.



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Fine Accommodations, Fine Wine and a Relaxing Setting

Guests can enjoy fine wines and northwest brews in a relaxed setting, with a plate of complimentary cheeses and fine crackers.

Besides fine accommodations, our guests are treated to homemade biscotti to go with their complimentary coffee. Guests can even purchase a package of this treat to take with them!

We support our Troops!

A military discount (10%) for all active service personnel as well as retirees. Being a retired Air Force family ourselves, we extend a warm welcome to those who know what it's like to serve our country!

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Your dream getaway is only minutes (or a few hours) away!! You don’t have to travel a distance to reach the perfect spot to relax in ultimate comfort, warm hospitality, fine meals, and beautiful surroundings!

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Welcome Anglers

Welcome to anglers who appreciate the finer comforts of fishing and relaxing! We are close to the Clearwater River, Dworshak Dam, and local guides! We’ll even prepare a sack lunch for you to take along for your day of fishing and a fine dinner can be waiting on your return!

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